Lean to Greenhouse Kits

A lean-to greenhouse is a greenhouse that is separated along the roof top, or ridge line and is basically added on to the side of a house or other building structure and is becoming increasingly popular to gardeners because of decreasing prices and better materials. Lean-tos are sensible where space is limited. The edge of a lean-to is attached to a structure using one side of a entrance, if possible. Some advantages to lean-tos are that they are close to obtainable heat, running water, and electricity.

Lean-to greenhouse kits vary in their styles and sizes. Even though the usual size of these greenhouses are 8′x 12′, the size isn’t an concern, as long as the size is large or small enough to grow the number of plants that are desired. It’s always better to ere on the safe side and buy a little bigger of a greenhouse than to go to small and have to buy extensions later.

A freestanding greenhouse, is a greenhouse separate from other structures, and has high expenses to maintain its own electricity, heating, and water systems. One of the drawbacks to that type of greenhouse is that it usually requires its own heating, watering, and electric systems. Lean to greenhouse kits can be installed to be conveniently entered right from an entrance, or a doorway from inside your own home.

When installing the lean to check to make sure that it is installed where electric outlets already exist on the wall. Running extension cords to the greenhouse throughout the house provides something to trip over. Also check to see if a hose connector is nearby. A lean to greenhouse kit doesn’t require a costly greenhouse shade cloth. Basically the property and lodging will provide anything and everything for the greenhouse.