How to Build a Greenhouse

There are multiple options to consider when thinking about building your own greenhouse. So, first, you need to plan for what you need and what you can build. Some important issues are: What is it that you would like to grow? What quantity do you need to grow? How often will you use the greenhouse? What is your area’s weather? What is your budget? What amount of space is available? What do local building codes allow?

Whatever you decide, there are several basic requirements needed by all greenhouses, that are part of the answer to the question of “how to build a greenhouse?”

1. You will need warmth provided by a heating system of some sort whether it be natural or mechanical. Some usual heaters include electrical, gas, and oil heaters. Some folks use a solar heating system called passive solar heating. The amount of heat needed depends on the space, size, and construction of greenhouse.
2. You will need a system to provide moisture for the plants. This can be an automated irrigation system or manual-do-it-yourself.
3. You will need to protect the plants from the weather/sunlight and from pests.
4. You will need to provide for control of both the temperature and air circulation. This can be done with an electrical system or manual-do-it-yourself. Insulation is large part of controlling the temperature. So, being airtight will help guarantee your greenhouse will work.

Placement of the greenhouse is essential. A sunny, most of the day location is great, but, morning-only sun will do. Trees can ruin a location. Also, a southern spot seems to work well.

How to build a greenhouse: A greenhouse can be easily built from PVC with a good covering material. Simply construct a frame using the PVC in a quonset fashion. Use PVC joints at bends and corners to eliminate stress on the PVC pipe. Use PVC joint glue to secure it together. A large sheet of 4-mil UV-resistant clear plastic film will be used to cover the greenhouse. For the door, you can simply drape the film over it, or you can actually install a door on a light frame.