Greenhouse Construction Tips

When building a greenhouse it is a great thing to have all of the knowledge you can. This article is to inform readers on greenhouse construction tips in order for you to help complete your greenhouse project.

Here are some basic greenhouse construction tips:
• When selecting a frame for your greenhouse one thing to consider is its load bearing requirement. The closer the spacing of stubs the stronger the greenhouse would be.
• Another greenhouse construction tip is growers normally use a combination of four and six millimeter plastic to cover the roof. This provides for less heat to be lost.
• A third greenhouse construction tip is to use strong ends for your greenhouse to protect from wind damage. Polycarbonate structural sheets and aluminum door are a good combination. They provide more protection than glass by lessening wind and air infiltration.
• Cooling and ventilation systems are another important part of a greenhouse. Greenhouses need exhaust fans to exchange air and to equalize temperatures between outside and inside the greenhouse. If the house is not used during the summer a cooling system is not needed and can be replaced with a motorized vent.
• Another greenhouse construction tip is in regards to the floor. Believe it or not the floor is just as important as any other part of greenhouse. Heavy plastic can be used to be a weed barrier. However concrete or bare ground can also be used.
• Installation or power and utility sources are probably the most expensive part of a greenhouse. A well needs to be dug and the costs depend on the flow rate desired and depth of the well.
• A final greenhouse construction tip for you to use is on benches. Although you can easily place your plants on the ground benches are a nice extra. However if you have benches temperature is easier to control. A wide variety of benches are available to choose from.

I hope that these greenhouse constructions tips can be of assistance. Good luck with your greenhouse construction adventures.