Greenhouse Construction Materials

Greenhouse construction materials are the most essential part to building a greenhouse, aside from a drawn out plan. The materials of a greenhouse depend on what the use of the greenhouse will be. For instance if you are building a hobby greenhouse, a frame made of pipe or wood beams covered with plastic would do the trick. Although if you were building a greenhouse for commercial use you would need a metal frame with glass as a covering. There are advantages and disadvantages to using the different types of materials.

The outer covering of the greenhouse are important greenhouse construction materials. These are traditionally either green32polyethylene or glass. The majority of greenhouses are often referred to as “polyhouses.” An advantage to a polyhouse is that it that is less expensive than a glass house. This also makes it less expensive to heat the inside because of the two layers of polyethylene holds heat from the sun better than glass.

These advantages make it a choice for a beginner in the greenhouse industry. However the disadvantages are reduced light in the winter and increased humidity compared to glass. On the other hand of greenhouse construction materials are glass. Glass has advantages such as the high level of light transmitted through the glass and the long life. Glass is also stronger than a polyhouse.

Other greenhouse construction materials are primarily those which make up the frame. These materials can be pipe, wood, or metal. Primarily a hobby greenhouse would be made of pipe or wood while a commercial greenhouse would be constructed of a type of metal such as steel. A metal frame is definitely more sturdy. However a disadvantage is that is can be quite more expensive to set up. Whatever your needs may be there are the proper greenhouse construction materials to make any greenhouse. All it takes it some time, a plan, and a little bit of money and before you know it you will growing flowers in your own back yard.