Costs of Greenhouse Construction

The cost of greenhouse construction depends on a lot of different factors. The cost of greenhouse construction can be determined by the materials used during construction and all of the bells and whistles added after construction such as a heater/ cooling unit, vents, fans, and sprinklers systems. As discussed in an earlier article on greenhouse construction a poly house is less expensive than a glass greenhouse. Poly houses are made of plastic sheets that cover the outside of the greenhouse. The materials for the frame of a poly house, such as wood or pipe, also are considerably less than that of a glass greenhouses steel frame.

For the hobby backyard greenhouse grower the costs of the greenhouse construction are to be kept low if at all possible. A hobby grower would more than likely decide to choose plastic and a pipe or wood frame. In this case the costs would be limited to plastic wrap, wood or pipe for the frame, and hardware in order to hold the greenhouse together. On the other hand a glass greenhouse is much more expensive. The costs of this type of greenhouse construction is more suitable for someone looking to start a business and plans to be doing it for a while. The costs of greenhouse construction of a glass greenhouse would include the glass, metal frame, hardware, and any other accessories wanted to be installed such as heaters, etc.

Another option to cut cost of greenhouse construction is to buy a greenhouse kit. Kits can be order off line and it comes with everything needed except for the tools to put it together. They can be a money saver and a time saver.

The first thing you should do when configuring costs of greenhouse construction is to first decide which greenhouse you would like. After this step you need to start pricing the materials. I would suggest looking at such websites as This website offers a large variety of greenhouse construction materials and list costs of greenhouse construction.